19 services and applications that will make you smarter, improve your memory and logic
Vikium According to the creators, regular training on Vikium simulators allows you to improve your reaction speed to
Self-hypnosis against diseases. Self-hypnosis methods. What is the power of self-suggestion
Among the harmful addictions inherent in modern man, the addiction to gambling deserves special attention. Gambling mania
To calm down, eliminate anxiety and normalize sleep, doctors recommend taking Persen or Tenoten
Which is better, Tenoten or Afobazol, reviews from neurologists, which is more effective
The crazy pace of life provokes stress and nervous conditions. To calm down and eliminate anxiety
irritability, treatment in Saratov, how to get rid of irritability
Irritability, nervousness, how to deal with irritability
Neurological problems often occur in school-age children. However, often complaints of frequent headaches
        Cervical migraine, effective treatment.
Migraine pain occurs due to the appearance of swelling of a part of the brain, which is caused by a sharp narrowing
Glycine and Persen: comparison of products and which is better
There are situations when the nervous system fails, stress goes off scale, and you can’t cope with it on your own.
Depression in older people: causes, signs, treatment
In this article you will learn: Why depression occurs in older people and what are the factors
Properties of Phenotropil
Experience using Phenotropil: reviews from doctors and real life stories
The life of a modern person is filled with all sorts of stress that negatively affects the condition of the entire body. For
The use of betaserc in the treatment of patients with dizziness of vascular origin
Pharmacological properties of the drug Betaserc Pharmacodynamics. The mechanism of action of betahistine is not fully understood. It increases blood circulation
The drug Mexidol
All about Mexidol: instructions for use, release forms, features of administration and analogues
Instructions for use of Mexidol Mexidol is a drug that belongs to the pharmacological group of antihypoxants and antioxidants.
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